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The May Dragon Festival is one of the most spectacular events in China. On the 5th day of each lunar May, families are reunited, feasts are served, dragon-boat are oared along the rivers, riddle contests are held and lantern parades are marched in the streets all over the country. The festivities are to commemorate the great patriotic poet, Chu Yuan, who served the Choo Dynasty and sacrificed himself for the commoners in 290 B.C.

At May Dragon, we especially love the FEASTS. We have selected only the best chefs from China, who have mastered not only Mandarin, Hunan, Canton and Szechuan cuisine, but also many other regional delicacies. Over the years, our gourmet chefs have developed a blend of Chinese culinary art to please the eye, the nose and the palate.

May Dragon, a Chinese restaurant rated four-star by the Dallas Morning News, has received rave reviews from Texas Monthly, Southern Living and D magazine as well. You can't help but rank this restaurant as one of the best. Their menu offers Peking duck, fresh lobster in ginger root and scallions, steamed whole fish in black bean sauce and roll-your-own lettuce roll with shrimp. "May Dragon serves a health-food type of Chinese food. May Dragon's Chinese food is natural. They don't put all that MSG in it," says satisfied patron and Hollywood star Chuck Norris.

Customer Testimony Chuck Norris Pic2-- The popular actor and his wife Gina love May Dragon. Yan Can Cook -- The great chef - Martin Yan came to Dallas for home furnishing show every year. He always dined with his friends at May Dragon

Ray Johnson -- Former law school professor of UNT and SMU. He and his wife Barbara enjoy eating at May Dragon

Pete Sessions -- Congressman. He went to China with the owner Joe Chow in 2001. Mr. Sessions thinks the food served at May Dragon is better than China

Richard Roder and Karen Hsu. They love to customize some dishes to fit in their diet at May Dragon.

Olympic Gold at May Dragon--When we asked Mina what she thought, she said, “I give it 15 stars!!”  So that, my friends, is why May Dragon, gets FOUR STARS from the Phipps, too!

Joe Chow has been serving you in North Dallas for years. His experience and personal touch ensure that you will enjoy delicious food, impeccable atmosphere and excellent services. For your convenience, catering service and banquet parties can also be arranged.

Availability and Price
For availability, contact Joe Chow for reservations and include the nature of the function, number of people, date, time, and special requests. Please contact us as soon as possible in advance to ensure availability. 

An outstanding atmosphere, excellent service and superb food quality blend with Joe Chow's attention to every detail to provide you with an excellent selection of Chinese cuisine and popular Pacific Rim borrowings from Indonesia, Malaysia and Polynesian.

May Dragon offers several private rooms for their guests which can accommodate groups of 10, 20 or up to 100. In our largest room, we provide a big screen HDTV, DVD and microphone making this a great place to hold business meetings.

Services and Amenities
Dance floor Private dining rooms Full bar PA system Customized menu

May Dragon is available to cater all of your party needs, including wedding and birthday party.

We never use M.S.G. / Low saturated vegetable oil / Healthy cooking techniques / Fresh vegetables / Fresh fish / USDA Choice Meats / Cook to order / Honor special requests / Prompt and friendly services / Joe Chow's personal touch

Customber Feedback (Both Filterd and Public Reviews)

*May Dragon is one of my favorite places to eat with clients. by Daniel W. Dallas, TX

There are a number of reasons why I take clients to this restaurant:
Clean white tablecloths, cloth napkins, attentive service and great fresh food. The atmosphere is quiet enough to have a good conversation, yet active enough that others are not going to hear what you are discussing.
I like the lunch menu because it has a huge variety so everyone can find what they like - anything from mild to sweet to hot and spicy. The price is right too - about $9 to $10 for entre', rice, soup & spring roll. There are well over 100 restaurants to choose from in Addison and May Dragon is always on my list. I've been enjoying this restaurant since it opened around 1985.

*May Dragon is our Chinese restaurant of choice!  By Paula J. Dallas, TX.                  

It's in Addison (close), convenient, and a wonderful ambiance.  It's nice when you walk into a restaurant and they greet you like family!  Joe & ChiChi know most of their customers (or soon will)!  They have great servers, who embrace their attitude!  Makes for a wonderful dining experience.
The food?  AWESOME!  No MSG!  They serve a lot of healthy options (which is no easy feat nowadays)!  We always try different things, with duck being our favorite. 
The sesame chicken is always spot on!  They aim to please and will cook most dishes to your liking.  The spring rolls are to die for!!!

I use May Dragon for my business - http://www.jandura.com - Juice Plus.  We have luncheons there ranging from 25 to 125 people.  They always are prepared.  They deliver.  The guests feel welcome in the beautiful room - it's dark - with mirrors.  They have a sound system, a piano, and other things to make events click!  It's a large room and they are flexible with the seating - using large and smaller round tables.  It always looks very nice and professional. The food is always delicious - served buffet style - it's always hot!

I would have no hesitation about referring someone to May Dragon - whether it's for 2 or 125!!!!

*I LOVE LOVE LOVE May Dragon! By Louise B. Addison, TX

The food is healthy (no msg here)!  We always get brown rice with our entree. For tasty Chinese food, you can't beat it.  Affordable prices, too.  The owners, Joe & ChiChi really make sure you have a pleasurable experience.  The staff is knowledgeable and courteous. That always makes the event much more pleasurable!  The food - is always awesome!  My husband loves the lo mein!  I try different things....never disappointed!  If you're looking for a place that is fun, authentic Chinese, and wonderful servers, try May Dragon!!!
They have a party room, too.  We do Juice Plus (http://www.jandura.com)  functions there.  They are so flexible, affordable, and always excellent food!  From 20 to 120, they deliver! Our guests always enjoy it and leave - saying they'll be back!!!!

*Best duck in Carrollton area!!! By Quan X. Addison, Dallas, TX

Good place will go again soon

*As a young business professional who travels through the DFW area a lot, May Dragon was recommended by some colleagues to try one evening. By Colton B. Gatesville, TX

I arrived after the rush in the evening and was immediately greeted by the owner, Former Addison Mayor Joe Chow, and was immediately seated by Ms. Chi Chi. The owners treated me so well, a long with the rest of the staff. Mayor Chow toured me around the restaurant at my request and updated me on the business he has owned for longer than I've been alive.

I ordered the sesame-seed chicken with rice and egg rolls, and it was FANTASTIC! I normally dine in at Chinese and other cultural restaurants and by far May Dragon has hit the top of the list. 

May Dragon is a great place to take a date, have a business function, and grab lunch with a group of friends. I will certainly recommend May Dragon to everyone I know.

*During my last visit to Texas, I ate at May Dragon 3 times! by Peggy S. Tustin, CA

 They have great food, full bar, nice decor, and fast and friendly service.  This restaurant far exceeded my expectations for chinese food in Texas.  I will definitely dine there again on my next visit.

*Waiter was professional while being surprising kind and thoughtful. by Christel H. Fort Worth, TX

I definitely will return although not as often as I would like as it is a little pricey. Overall exceeded flavor expectations and service expectations!!

*Great food and a true fine dining restaurant. by Lee G. North Dallas, Dallas, TX

Service was good and really enjoyed the atmosphere.

*Joe Chow and Chi Chi Lin are like family. by Diana L. Dallas, TX

The Chinese New Year celebration is the best!  Now over 6 years receiving Mr and Mrs Bears New Year's Eve Top 12 Service Award for 2012.

*All you haters go on and hate.  I love May Dragon, I have since high school! by Allison L. Dallas, TX

That's how long this place has been around.  This was the go to place for everything, homecoming dinners, graduation dinners, first dates, group dates, and everything in between. 

I don't think I'd been to May Dragon in a few years and when my friend suggested this place on a Saturday night, I figured well?  I could eat some Chinese food!  We walked in and sat right down. Ordered hot tea right away (which was delicious!).  The menu is large and has everything.  You know how Mexican restaurants give you chips and salsa?  Well May Dragon gives you fried wonton strips and yummy sauce.  Can we say amazing?  

We decided to start with some crab rangoon, which was creamy and so delicious.  If I hadn't been with my friends and needed to share, I wouldn't have. Then I ordered the Kung Pao Shrimp, I dunno, I wanted something common.  Didn't really feel like adventuring out on a limb.  It also came with a cup soup.  I chose Egg Drop and I'm not kidding, was probably the BEST Egg soup I've ever had!  Thick and creamy and with those fried wonton strips....I died.  Friends ordered the Mongolian Beef and Sesame beef. Ok.  Everyone likes Mongolian Beef, but listen up.  The Sesame beef was truly the star of the evening.  I have no friggin idea what is in that sauce....im guessing crack.  So good.  I mean the Kung Pao and Mongolian were certainly delicious, but we both had food envy.  

Price is right.  Service is great.  Food is delicious.  
Like I said, haters go on and hate.  Me likey the Dragon, May that is.

*Dined here so many times over the years for both personal and business lunches/dinners, always a pleasant  experience. by Marilyn M. Dallas, TX

Puzzled @ some of the negative reviews.  However, acknowledge that it's been several years since my last visit until last week. So maybe something did change over time for the worse, but for me on this recent visit, it met my expectations. Thanks to "Mr Bear" (and Mrs Bear's) recent review, I was reminded to go back; and it looks like MD is back up to its excellent  food standards, as I remember them.

On to my quest to find some darn good Dan Dan Noodles. I have found that not all Chinese restaurants offer this dish. It's not listed on May Dragon's menu, but ask and ye shall receive; beef, chicken, pork or shrimp are added meat options.

Noodles were cooked perfectly. to the right degree of tenderness. OMG, the peanut sauce was so creamy, drinkable for sure.  I  wanted more on my dish however, and requested extra on the side. Accommodated immediately. The white meat chicken was moist, so tender, melt in the mouth protein. Loved all the flavors, with the lettuce and bean sprouts along the side of the dish,   Didn't care for  the shredded carrots, but, my bad. Should have remembered to eliminate those. This dish was excellent and so flavorful. A definite "4".

Also had a cup of the hot and sour soup; YUM YUM ! The heat was just right for my wimpy palate. Loved the soft tofu, and tender chicken slices. Add the fried wontons to soak in the thick savory broth  for a yumalicious starter dish. Hit the spot on a chilly afternoon.

Amy was a nice friendly server; although she did not check on me often, she was nearby.  I was the only patron @ 1530 but did not go neglected once I got her attention. I often go to restaurants during what I determine as "sleepy modes:", between lunch and dinner, so service may not be typical.  However, received a cheerful "thanks for coming by" when I was leaving.

Loved the quiet serene atmosphere;  soft background music, the several separate semi-private dining rooms, but most of all, my most comfy large leather booth. Hues of mustard and rustic orange colors cover the wall along with paintings, blonde and dark woods, and dim low Chinese Lantern type  lighting. Nice bar area as you walk in.

Reasonable @ $10.83 plus tip. for my late lunch.; soup and an entree. HUGE serving of the Noodles, enough for another 2 meals.

Lunch specials Mon-Fri, 1100-1600, Sat & Sun noon-1600:
           $8-10 includes steamed or fried rice and an egg roll.   
Dinner offerings seem more pricey IMO for a Chinese restaurant:
           $13 for chicken dishes, Beef & Pork $14-22, most seafood
           $14-17, with some speciality items $27-35; if you want Duck
           go to the ATM or  be sure and check your credit card limit.  

(Early Bird Dinner specials & HH  Mon-Fri, 1600-1800, don't know prices)

Have tried many dishes in the past; house special fried rice, soupy noodles, Moo Shi pork, etc.  all of which were delish. Yes, I will return to this restaurant of past delights to once again enjoy good Chinese fare.   Many say it's not  authentic Chinese.  No matter,  I just simply like it !!

We have been dining at this restaurant for a long, long time.  by David W. Carrollton, TX

They went through a troubled period a couple years ago, when the food and service were not so hot.  But all that changed when they replaced the chef and some of the waitstaff.  It's a completely different restaurant now in terms of food quality and service.

As the restaurant currently exists, the food quality is excellent.  Every single thing on the menu is delicious.  The prices are very reasonable.  The bar service is very good.  Joe Chow, the Mayor of Addison, runs the place and is usually near the front door to greet us.

I have a strong message for those who have slammed this restaurant in the past - TRY IT AGAIN.  IT'S DIFFERENT NOW.

*First off, let me say that I'm not a native of Dallas. by Jess A. Carrollton, TX

I moved here in 2000, and one thing I quickly noticed is that most of Dallas's Chinese food is unadulterated crap. If it's a sit-down restaurant, it's a buffet with the same cookie-cutter dishes that never vary from the pit of mediocrity. You eat at one, you've pretty much had them all. Delivery is likewise much of the same; usually greasy, overcooked limp/blanched veggies, with uninspired sauces. The closest I'd come to 'good' Chinese in Dallas was Jasmine's, and that was only a small step up in quality for a higher ticket price. 

And then... I found May Dragon. Everything I've tried here has been good, and while they are pricey, the portions are huge (leftovers for lunch tomorrow!). I especially recommend the Mongolian Beef and the May Dragon Combination, and they have the best Sesame Chicken I've ever had. Keep in mind, they do 'Americanized' Chinese, but that's what most people are looking for when they think chinese food, having never had different.

*Have been going to this restaurant for 17 years approximately and the food has always been consistent.  by Colette K. Dallas, TX

Yes, it is Americanized, but what do you expect?  Mexicanized?  No!  Restaurants who are successful are so because they do market research on what MOST people like, and Americans like sweet!!!!  So, why fix it if it ain't broken?  May not be the Ritz but Joe is a perfectionist and it shows.  He's there most of the time (the owner and Mayor of Addison) and makes sure the food is consistent.  You can actually request white meat for chicken entrées, which makes it much better.  Have NEVER had a bad dish here.

*I have this really nice "hobby" of investigating other cultural foods. by W.A. L. Dallas, TX

I my efforts I have found myself always returning to a very lovely establishment that serves Chinese cuisine, called May Dragon. The delectable foods and traditional servers are always at the highest quality. The ambiance is purely exciting and clearly designed for the finest of your dining pleasure(s). Your entrees are always presented with the patron in mind and at the freshest points of readiness. On designed evenings you can be entertained by soothing piano music in the bar/lounge area of the restaurant. The owners, Joe Chow and ChiChi Lin, are not only respected by their professional staff of servers but in observing the patrons they are highly appreciated and respected as well. They never miss greeting their guest and by the same token they never allow the patrons to leave without  "very warm" salutations. If and when you have a desire for unsurpassed quality in Chinese dining you will NEVER go wrong in visiting "The" May Dragon Chinese Restaurant . Your expectations will be met far above what you may have been experienced in the past. If there is such a thing as "Perfect" in restaurant dining May Dragon is the highest standard of Perfection in Quality dining. When you go tell them I sent you!!!!

Have a great time at May Dragon...I'll see you there...

*May Dragon has a nice old school feel. by Chris S.Plano, TX

It has a great environment and while it does show its age is not run down by any means. The food is great, staff is courteous, and management is fine.

The secret is knowing what to order and how to really customize your dish with specific veggies. All dishes can be altered to add exactly what you want and that's what I love. The waiters do not complain that you do so and actually suggest recommendations.

In my few run-ins at May Dragon, I have never had a bad experience. The food has been cooked to perfection and I have been continuously treated like a true guest.

My suggestion to the nay-sayers: Order something more authentic rather than the American-fied "Sesame Chicken" or yada yada. Get a tasty tofu/veggie dish rather or the beef noodle soup!

*We thoroughly enjoyed our dinner this evening with my friend and his girlfriend. by John K. Dallas, TX

It was a lovely place and the food was excellent. Our server was very personable and helpful in making selections as it was our first visit here but definitely not our last!

*We really enjoyed our meal and look forward to coming back soon. by Yuan T. McKinney, TX

The atmosphere was wonderful as well. Phil is Great waiter! Enjoyed the music we could hear coming from the bar area.

*I recently dined at May Dragon.  by Elaine C. Mesquite, TX

After 3 or  4 years, I thought I give it another try.  My family and I enjoyed our dining experience.  The host and server are friendly.  We ordered wonton, hot and sour, and mushroom soups.   My hot sour soup was delicious; it was spicy and not salty like some other Chinese restaurants.  The mushroom soup comes with plenty of mushroom slices, and the broth is full of flavor.  If you order a cup of wonton soup, you get one wonton.  The cup is small, very small.  We ordered the cashew chicken, tea duck, and seafood basket. The seafood basket includes succulent lobster and shrimp, and the vegetables are fresh.  The basket is made of noodles.  Don't eat the basket because it tastes funny.  It's more for the decoration and holding the entree.  The cashew chicken is slightly sweet, which is different.   The chicken pieces are plenty, and the cashews and vegetables add a great flavor.  The tea duck seemed more like super deep fried duck.  It was eh.  The price for the half duck seemed a little high for the quality of the duck meat.   The pickled cucumbers that came with the tea duck is delicious!  I may consider ordering a plate of the pickled cucumbers on my next visit.  BTW. the Jasmine tea goes well with the food; it is fragrant and mild.  Ditch the soda, and drink the tea.   The restaurant is clean.  The decor is beautiful.  The women's restroom is clean.

*A good taste Chinese dishes with western service make this restaurant different from most of the traditional Chinese restaurant. by Eric K. Plano, TX

Sesame Chicken and Sausage Fried Rice are the most delicious dishes that I have never tasted at other places before. Two Thumbs Up

*Fantastic food and service, the owner Joe Chow and his wife are nice person. by Eileen K. Plano, TX

*I have been reviewing some of the reviews on yelp related to this restaurant. by Wayne L. Dallas, TX

I am an avid patron of May Dragon because of its delectable food(s) and expert services. Your greetings are always very warm and friendly, your servers are very knowledgeable. The ambiance is elegant traditional to fine classic renditions of business to business casual. I noticed in "one" review the person was obviously mentally challenged or perhaps this person was not from this planet. Allow me to issue an apology for that review to any of you that are considering visiting this very fine and wonderful restaurant. They (May Dragon) has been in business for over 26 years, in the same location....That speaks for itself!!! Finally, I met the owners Joe and ChiChi and there has never or seldom been any more gracious and concerned owners. Put it on your calender to experience the TRUE ENJOYMENT/PLEASURE of The May Dragon...By the way, tell them Wayne sent you....smile...

*Good food friendly service and a full bar! Ally R. McKinney, TX

What could be better than that. Went last night for the first time and was suprised by a live piano player near the entrance. Will be back in the future!

*Went here for lunch today on a whim with my family. by Amy V. Austin, TX

We're not from around err so we just picked it somewhat at random. I think it turned out to be a nice little surprise. We all got lunch combos which for $9-10 (based on chicken/beef dishes) you get an egg roll, soup and a heaping plate of food. It also advertises as including a fortune cookie but IMHO that should always be included! I ordered the general savitz's chicken which was a very tasty, spicy, garlicky chicken, chopped into nice little morsels. The precursor to my meal, the wonton soup was good, my only complaint being that it was a pretty small bowl but given the amount of food in the entree I definitely did not go away hungry! The best part of the meal was our server Victor, who was very attentive, and sweet. He treated us like old friends and it was just nice to meet someone who seemed so genuinely friendly and interested in his customers.

*I'm visiting from Dallas and we were curious about the May Dragon. by David M.San Rafael, CA

A brick facade hides a beautiful and peaceful decor. Service was very good and the hot and sour soup delicious and my friends mushroom soup was fresh and savory.
We shared Kung pao chicken with baby bok choy. I like my food hot so I should have asked for extra peppers but the Bok choy was crispy and fresh.
We meet -the owner (Uncle) Joe Chow who is former Mayor of Addison and recently ran for Senate I learned. Joe was gracious and charismatic and frustrated by hecklers who claims he serves shark fin soup. As a disclaimer, we are shark conservationists and wanted to speak with someone who decries the practice of shark finning and the dish shark fin soup
The soup is not on the menu, and Joe claims he has never had it on the menu. Consumers should reward restaurants and people of the Asian American culture who speak out for sharks and sustainability.
Way to go Joe and May Dragon!

*Great service. by Jeff F. Plano, TX

Food was really good. Egg drop soup was one of the best I've ever had. I suspect the bad reviews are politically motivated. I liked it a lot.

*We are regulars at May Dragon and have been for the last few years. by Kevin H. Addison, TX

Excellent food and a wait staff that is very professional.  Nice decor and an overall very pleasant restuarant.  Joe and his wife are usually there.

*Found May Dragon on Grubhub and can't say I was dissapointed. It was fantastic. by Kim P. Seagoville, TX

*The staff are friendly here. by Andre P. Plano, TX

The food taste great and the quality of service is superb.They make you feel as though you are family.

*I read the other reviews and have ordered some of the same dishes by jess s. Dallas, TX

(the orange beef is the first to spring to mind) and have not had the same experience as many of the other reviewers.  My friends and I consistently love May Dragon.  The staff have been friendly, even more so when you dine at the bar.  Do I know how it compares to "real" authentic chinese food?  I can't really say.  I have eaten at all of the restaurants in Richardson's Chinatown and had varied experiences there.  I would actually rate this on the higher end in comparison.  Better than Chinatown NY?  No, better than chinese food in Madison South Dakota, hands down, double yes.

*The service and food was superb by C h. Addison, TX

I felt like a princess with the attention and service. Marvelous pianist (Steve Sonday), gracious and cheerful manager ChiChi, and server Cyrus each contributed to making this a royal evening.

*Bought a livingsocial deal for this place and was pretty skeptical because of the reviews. by  Kara K. Manhattan, NY

Convinced 2 friends to go with me and we ended up having a great meal. They didn't rush us at all and the portions were bigger than i expected. I don't remember what my friends had but I had the general tso's and it was really good. I'd go back.

*So I went here with my friend who had a voucher here by Steph H. Addison, TX

I think it might have been livingsocial but I am not sure.  It was honestly alot better than I would have imagined.  At first I figured, oh this is the SAME as every other Chinese food place... but to my surprise the staff was friendly, the fortune garden chicken was amazing and there was almost nothing bad I could say.  I would have given them 4.5 stars but I will push it up since I plan on returning.

*The food is really fresh. by Joe C. Addison, TX

 I can tell the ingredients are fresh. vegetable is green, mushroom is so white and the meet is tender. I love the dish "Prawns in Ginger Root and Scallion"  and Mongolian BBQ Beef.
I can eat there DAY AND NIGHT.

*I've been coming here for a year now and I have to say that it is by far the best Chinese food I've had in the area. by Christopher S. Dallas, TX

I am an Asian food enthusiast so I choose my restaurants with care. What I learned from May Dragon is that you should avoid all the "usual" entrées that you see from other Americanized-Chinese restaurants. Things like Sesame Chicken, Chicken and Brocolli, and Garlic Chicken are okay but leave a lot to be desired. They are by no means bad but I think it could be definitely improved upon.

My personal favorites are Braised beef with Scallions, Tofu with Chinese Mushrooms and Chicken, Salmon Steak (steamed), Chicken Egg-White and Onions, Szechuan Style Hard Tofu and Chicken, Chicken Chow Fun and Mooshu Chicken.

Compared to other restaurants like First Chinese Barbeque, I'd say May Dragon has a definite edge over it. While FCB is quite tasty, a ton of dishes have an unnecessary amount of grease or oil or salt. Sometimes just eating it makes me sick. May Dragon does have quite oily dishes as well, but none to the extent of FCB. What May Dragon does excel at is using quality and rich ingredients. You can just tell that this is not the typical low quality meats you see at other establishments. The vegetables are fresh and delectable. They never use MSG which is a plus as well.

What I love the most is the amount of customization you can have on your dishes. Substituting some of your most hated vegetables or what not is encouraged and even adding extra veggies is not a problem at all at no extra cost for the most part (there are some exceptions of course). Though I assume it probably peeves the waiters when you completely alter the dish, they almost always allow it.

Another thing I see many complaints about is the cost. While it is certainly more expensive than other similar restaurants, I still find it quite a good deal. It is a lot of food. It's true that you can get more bang for your buck elsewhere, but the food is just too good to pass up on. Lunch portions are large and consist of a cup of soup, a side of rice, and an egg roll. Dinner portions are a couple bucks more, but have an even larger amount of food. Rice refills are free if you order an entrée too! 

Despite all the good things I have to say about the food. The one thing  May Dragon suffers from is the quality of service or lack thereof. The wait staff is emotionless and have just constant expressions of disdain like they really dislike their job or something. Their command of the English language is poor and it pains me to order sometimes. I always have to reinforce what I say to make sure they get the order correctly. They are sometimes needlessly pushy and confusing to speak to. But as long as you clearly state what you want, they bring out your food in a timely manner with no hassle. It is a nightmare when a dish comes out wrong because they have trouble understanding what the problem is. This should be the focus of improvement in the future for sure. I've never had any outrageous problems because I usually have simple requests. Just get me my beer, my dish, and my check and I'm all golden.

After reading all these reviews from unsatisfactory customers, it pains me that my top Chinese restaurant is getting a beat down. What you should get out of this review is that:

1. Know what to get. Some dishes are rather abysmal and plain, but others are amazing. You just have to experiment. It sucks but that's just how it is. I'm all for giving second chances and it worked out for me!

2. You do get a good amount of food for the money. I am not a small person by any means and a lot of times I end up taking my leftovers home. The amount of food is not to be taken lightly.

3. Service is pretty mediocre. If you're okay with average service, give it a try, but DO NOT expect top quality service. I would not recommend this place as a romantic dinner date spot. If they can give me my food without me getting impatient, they're good enough for me.

Just give it another try. Maybe even try one of my favorite dishes! Go in with an open mind and experiment. There's a reason why this place has been around for almost 26 years.

*May Dragon is Chinese Food at it's best. by  Justin P. Fort Worth, TX

None of that fast-food, all-you-can-eat, leftover nonsense.  May Dragon has excellent service, excellent atmosphere, and excellent cuisine.  The best part is that it is a reasonably priced restaurant that caters to people who want to dress up a little, and enjoy a quiet night out.  You can even meet the owner, and his wife, they've been there every time I've visited!  Mr. Chow and his lovely wife are excellent hosts, and I'm sure you will enjoy your time at May Dragon!!

It's not the place for beer-swilling frat boys looking for cheap, americanized chinese food to devour in mass quantities.  

You will find only the real deal at May Dragon.  Also, they deliver within 3 miles of the restaurant!  So if you crave authentic chinese cuisine at home, they'll dliver it right to your door!  It just doesn't get any better than this!

*I hadn't been in Texas long, the first time I went to May Dragon. by Ryan P. Fort Worth, TX

 I was met at the door by the owner of the establishment, Mayor Joe Chow.  He was energetic and cordial, and made my wife and I feel right at home.  
We were pleased to find that this was not to be another americanized, all-you-can-eat abomination.  The restaurant was decorated very well, in Chinese Motif.   The food was excellent!  It was authentic, and the very best Chinese food I've had!  I reccommend the Sesame Chicken, it's exquisite!  Mayor Chow invented the sesame chicken dish, and nobody does it better!

Please do yourselves a favor, and give this plaace a chance.  You won't be dissapointed!

*I love Asian cuisine, especially Chinese food. by Sophia L. Dallas, TX

So when I heard about this place I thought I would try it out. Normally I'm picky about chinese restaurants because they have a tendency to be filled w/ MSG and stingy. 

They are very friendly from start to finish. For drinks, I ordered the Grasshopper (which you can order virgin, if you like.). It is basically a minty smoothie, I couldn't get enough. I also ordered a roll your own Ming Lettuce Roll. It was great on taste, not too light and not too strong. For my main course I had Maydragon Sesame Beef. Order this if you like spicy food, which I love. These were sauteed broccoli and orange peels which added an interesting sweet taste. 

Their portions were huge. Service was friendly, they even gave me a free refill to my Grasshopper. I definitely recommend this place to bring family, a boyfriend, your girlfriends, anyone!

If you go here, you have to try a Grasshopper!

*This is an great place for Chinese, especially at lunch. by Reece M. Addison, TX

Portions are large, it's two grades better than buffet, and, hey, it's owned by the Mayor of Addison, Joe Chow.  

Again, show up here for lunch and not for dinner.  Dinner flirts with ridiculously high prices and high handed service.  The bar is fun and a big tip goes a long way to getting heavy pours.  Drop by for a cocktail before hand, have some appetizers and then head out.

A plus for the joint is they will customize any dish to your taste.  Don't like onions, they're gone.  Carrots the bane of your existence?  You'll never see them.  I'd give it a try if you haven't.